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The Emotional Side of Hearing Loss Rehabilitation - Article for the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA)

In this Summer 2022 edition of BSHAA People magazine (pages 29-31), read about how blogging helped me to work through difficult emotions, how I made connections with others living similar experiences, and my decision to become a Transformational Coach to support people with hearing loss on their personal and emotional journeys to rehabilitation and beyond: https://www.flipsnack.com/bshaa/bshaa_people_summer_2022_web/full-view.html (p29-31)

Articles for HearingTracker

Carly Sygrove is a hearing health writer who has single-sided deafness. She writes about living with hearing loss at My Hearing Loss Story and manages an online support group for people with hearing loss. She is also the founder of the Sudden Hearing Loss Support website, a source of information and support for people affected by sudden hearing loss. Here are the key findings from the Apple Hearing Study, which collected hearing data from thousands of participants across the US. Continue Readin

The Communication Challenges of Wearing a Face Mask - Article for Inclusive Communication Services

With people currently being required to wear face masks and face coverings in public places to help reduce COVID-19 transmissions, this poses communication challenges for people like me, members of the hearing loss community. When faces are covered, it adds an extra barrier for achieving successful communication; it is challenging for people who rely on lipreading to communicate with people using face masks, due to both muffled speech and lack of visual cues.

Working Together to Find a Cure for Tinnitus

there are matters to be considered before progressing studies further. Some of the topics discussed are outlined below: • None The Importance of Research Into the Subtyping of Tinnitus There isn’t just one type of tinnitus, in fact, there are many different forms of the condition. Tinnitus may occur as a consequence of excessive noise exposure or be caused by disorders which affect the brain’s auditory function. Some types are related to the sensory system and others are a result of muscle con

CROS hearing aids for single-sided deafness - Article for Healthy Hearing

Three years ago, at the age of 34, I lost functional hearing in my left ear through sudden sensorineural hearing loss. It happened fast—I was listening to a presentation at the school here in Spain where I was teaching, and out of nowhere came a loud screeching sound that filled my head with pressure. Just like that, my hearing in one ear was gone. Initially, my treatment was aimed at seeing if my hearing could be restored. But after about six months of many different therapies, it became clear